Wednesday, May 7, 2014

What is Math?

So what exactly is math? The term "math" has many interpretations and has different definitions to different people. For some it's the physical act of calculating numbers. On the other hand, others see math as more of the mental game rather than just what a calculator spits out at us. This mind game includes problem solving, logical reasoning, and critical thinking. We cannot not pin point an explicit definition to the term "math" as it is too broad.

Starting from grade school we learn the basics using mathematical operations. Now with the college math courses I have taken, the course material is not as much "math", depending on your definition of this term, as it is logical reasoning.

Top 5 Monumental Moments of Math:
1. The Number System: It's hard to think of where this is not used in our everyday lives!
2. Mathematical Operations:  We see these in functions, computer codes, and in many other instances.
3. Pi: We will never know what pi is exactly equal to, yet we use this in various formula's.
4. The Pythagorean Theorem: This has been used countless times in school and will always be a topic covered in course material.
5. The Quadratic Equation: At some point in our academic careers we have had to learn this equation. The quadratic equation is a great resource that algebra has acquired.

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